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Southside Resilience and Recovery Coalition

(S)outhside (R)esilience & (R)ecovery  (C)oalition 


Who We Are

Our Vision & Mission

 Improve disaster resilience through collaboration, cooperation, communication, and coordination for effective mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery in our communities.  (S)Southside (R) Resilience & (R) Recovery (C) Coalition - provides R&R services to individuals, families, and communities in distress from disaster. 

Building Back Together


Disaster Strikes

When disaster struck, government assistance fell short. Faced with limited guidance, concerned neighbors took charge. They organized resident meetings, raised money for cleanup, and advocated for a swifter, fairer government response. From this necessity arose the Southside Resilence & Recovery Relief.


Our Response

Recovery starts with understanding the needs. Our volunteer case managers meet with residents to assess home damage and navigate different relief options. We then connect them with skilled volunteer contractors for essential tasks like:

  • Waste removal

  • Mold remediation

  • Rebuilding efforts


ReBuilding The Future

We are working with our partner organizations to build community capacity to respond to future floods and extreme weather events.

This work is particularly important to ensure our most vulnerable residents are not displaced, financially devastated, or suffer from long-term health affects from mold contamination.

Supportive Organizations


Apply For Flood Relief

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