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The program is geared toward high school girls, ages 14 to 24.

Saturday Programs Coming Spring 2023


The program achieves its goals by addressing these main components:

  • Education 

  • Career 

  • Health and Wellness 

  • Financial Stability

  • Relationships Mentoring 

  • Character Building 

  • Career & Job Development 

  • Conflict Resolution Training 

  • Job Readiness Training 

  • Computer Training 

  • High School Diploma 

  • Resume Writing 

  • Mentoring 


*Participants will attend weekly meetings, every month, and hear from experts in the above topics. 

What Program Participants Will Learn: 

  • To identify their life goals (i.e. achieving a high school diploma, securing subsequent employment, finding entrepreneurship opportunities, etc.). 

  • To assess their own personal skills and abilities in an effort to achieve set goals. 

  • To manage risks in an effort to help avoid decisions that impede progress, negatively impact, and/or even possibly eliminate future opportunities for success. 

  • To access job resources with training and part-time employment 

  • To apply for postsecondary education and mid-level management training 

  • To have better attendance, graduation rate, and self-motivated


Why We Do What We Do:

Mentoring has a proven track record! Young people who have been mentored have a better chance of succeeding and are more likely to make positive choices. Changing Oasis Inc. wants the youth of Chicago to set realistic goals and be empowered with knowledge and training to achieve those goals. We have also partnered with World Wide Family Center and Chicago Dress or Success to work without students looking for assistance with corporate training and veterans. 


Success Strategies is our comprehensive training workshop that equips individuals with skills needed to successfully implement an employment search, achieve job readiness, and gain employment. We provide expert training in resume development, career goal planning, financial literacy, professional networking, job search, and interview techniques. The career advancement elements highlight creating and promoting your personal brand, developing professional and leadership skills, and building character and confidence.

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